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Immortality, Singularities, and the Kurzweil tribe

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2 comments to Immortality, Singularities, and the Kurzweil tribe

  • petrucio

    I don’t think trans-humanism is such a otherworldly idea – the problem with it is that the one guy that is the poster boy is kinda whacky, so the hole idea sorta gets the ‘whacky’ stigma attached to it.

    So long as it’s made clear that for now this is all speculation, and that the time-lines given may be hugely wrong, I see no problem with it.

  • I followed the link to your Clarkesworld article then followed the BrainGate link to gizmag, so I have to say thanks for leading me to information on some fascinating brain research. Since I knew almost nothing about singularities and transhumanism, I browsed the internet for a short time. It reminded me why I don’t read about those things. Too much of what is being written seems like speculative science fiction posing as scientific certainty with a little bit of we suck as a species thrown in.

    My own prediction is that, like millennial fever, these ideas will hang around while the time line for when they will happen keeps changing. As it is we’re only about 12 years away from Vernor Vinge’s prediction that we’ll have the ability to create superhuman intelligence which will herald the end of the human era. And I’d just like to make it clear in advance that I welcome our new electronic overlords.

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