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Garbage in……

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5 comments to Garbage in……

  • OMG if I don’t get invited to the ghost pirate party I’m going to be very ARRRRRRRRgitated.

  • I’ve been transforming my house into a haunted house a little more every year. I usually walk around with my kids so I don’t get to see the reactions but my neighbors tell me we draw quite a crowd.

    my kids are old enough now that they would rather scare kids at our house, so i’ll get to enjoy the reactions, plus I can dress up…

    *clears throat*

    …you know for the kids

  • Rebecca, Consider yourself invited.
    October 18th at my house. I am not responsible however for pirates who declare upon seeing you…”Wench, prepare to be boarded!”

    Skeptigator, Kudos to your fusion of the skeptical and haunter lifestyle. An uncommon amalgam indeed.

  • Oh, October 18, eh? That’s great, really great, because there is absolutely nothing else going on that day. Nope. I’m sure I have no plans. Free as a bird.

  • Dressing like a pirate…..drinking rum all night…..hobnobbing with other pirates…..listening to cool spooky music…..admiring my spectacular pirate decorations….drinking rum all night.

    Sounds like a great birthday party to me.

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