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Fractals Fractals Everywhere

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2 comments to Fractals Fractals Everywhere

  • Jsug

    Fractal art was one of the topics that got me really interested in computer programming, eventually leading to my degree in computer science. I used to play around a lot with a public domain DOS program, called Fractint. It had iterators for several different fractal sets, and gave you a mind-numbing array of tweaks to the inputs and outputs, so you could generate a limitless array of stunning scenes.

    On a related topic, Jonathan Coulton (a geek rock star) wrote a song a couple years ago, “Mandelbrot Set”, which is all about Benoit and his discoveries. It was inspired by his reading of “The Fractal Geometry…” in high school.

  • Mark

    If you’re interested in fractals then you shouldn’t miss it’s cousin the ‘strange attractor’.

    As just for it’s sheer beauty, the organic attractor:

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