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Evolution and the American Challenge

An excellent article on the challenges and misconceptions of evolution in the Huffington Post today. Not much new except for this succinct statement:


Even the vocabulary of this conversation is challenging. We discussed the great divide between the meanings of central terms like “theory” and “evolution.” Theory in science means something like, “A well-tested and broadly accepted natural explanation that successfully accounts for a wide range of observations.” On main street America, however, “theory” means “guess,” as in “My theory is that Sarah Palin will not run for president.” “Evolution” in science refers to a set of ideas in biology that explain how organism adapt and change over time in response to various stimuli. On main street, however, “evolution” mean “an origins story for atheists.”


One of the great challenges — and I would argue the primary challenge — that skeptics face is communicating scientific and critical thinking processes to the general public. Our Republic only works if people are informed.

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  • flowthego

    Perhaps this is why our Republic deteriorated into a fascist oligarchy. Children are no longer educated with critical thinking skills. They are indoctrinated to make nice soldiers, consumers, and taxpayers.

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