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Don’t Leave Now Without It

You know what annoys me? When my time circuits set themselves because of a bump in the road and I end up in a far distant past with no plutonium in sight.  Happens way more often than it should.  So what do you do in that situation?  I used to be bored out of my head waiting around for the next big lightning storm.  Sometimes took months.

And then I found this.  All my worries went away.  It’s the time travel cheat sheet.  Serisouly, get yourself one and keep it in the glove compartment it’s a lifesaver.  Click it to enlarge.



It will help you do everything from pasteurization to making insulin and antibiotics.  Read it all very carefully, it’s got some awesome info.  And remember, don’t leave the present without it.

Now back to… oh god, they found me.. I don’t know how but they found me….

3 comments to Don’t Leave Now Without It

  • durnett

    Here in Tennessee, there are quite a few people who use the phrase “I am my own grandpa.” Unfortunately, they are not talking about time travel.

  • Looks like the source of this fine poster is Ryan North – author of “Dinosaur Comics” at quantz.com.


    Of course, there is a good reason to suspect he may not have invented it – but just taken credit for it by virtue of his having a time-machine and not being afraid to use it…

  • DLC

    Oh sure… like you couldn’t just go into the future and grab yourself a Fusion-O-Matic ?

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