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Are NASA’s Claims of Arsenic-Associated Bacteria Faulty?

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2 comments to Are NASA’s Claims of Arsenic-Associated Bacteria Faulty?

  • It seems to me like it would be really easy to test this. Simply stripping away the accessory molecules until you have just naked DNA left and then measure the total amount, the phosphorous, and the arsenic.

  • globalcop

    Evan, you’re awesome. I came here to post about this and you’re a step ahead. Feels good to know I can sit back and you guys will be on top of it.

    Keep up the great work! I’m catching up from episode 1 (up to 230 now), but of course I always listen to the new ones as they post.

    I love you guys. I’ve gotten my sister and her husband scientist listening and I constantly comment about the show on facebook.

    Sincerely, Ed McNamara

    P.S. I started listening when I was in Iraq doing Infantry patrols.

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