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Another Reason To Admire Carl Sagan

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3 comments to Another Reason To Admire Carl Sagan

  • petrucio

    While most skeptics can easilly see the flawed readoning of the religious man who is proud of the his religion but would as easily be proud of another religion had he been born elsewhere, patriotism usually doesn’t get the same treatment.

    I’m sure you can think of many ways why that is different. So can the religious guy.

    It’s one species, one planet (so far).

    It’s time to widen out circle of fairness:

  • I have fond memories of watching the Cosmos series on PBS in 1980 when I was just 9. Some of it didn’t make sense to me at the time, but in retrospect Sagan was my “gateway drug” into science, which in turn got me into reason, logic, skepticism, atheism, naturalism, & transhumanism years later. Oh how this world desperately needs more Carl Sagans! The man was elegant and eloquent, and never failed to convey the sense of awe & wonder in science. I still miss him.

  • Jsug

    @live.the.future: I totally agree. I was even younger than you when Cosmos originally aired. But I have vivid memories of watching him fly around the galaxy in his dandelion seed spacecraft, talking about the wonders of the universe revealed by science. I do not doubt that he had a significant impact on the path of my life.

    If anyone is interested, and you have an unlimited account with Netflix, the entire Cosmos series is available on their instant watch streaming service. It actually holds up really well, despite having been made 30 years ago.

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