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Announcement: SGU-24 Show!

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7 comments to Announcement: SGU-24 Show!

  • Sintesi

    This is truly awesome. Great idea, can’t wait.

  • luigiatlarge

    Awesome. But why?

  • vanadamme

    I am so excited I could cry. When you say video do you mean incorporating footage of other videos plus webcam views of yourselves?

  • We will be in the same room for the entire show. If possible we will show video of the people we interview as well.

  • Chris

    Is the special location a Man Cave in Steve’s basement full of all sorts of D&D and science fiction nerdy stuff that he wants to show off?

  • max-bussiere

    don’t underestimate your fans Jay – you will have some serious traffic to the live streaming. If you do have constant video, you will want to make sure to take measures that keep the stream from crashing.

    We will overwhelm the bandwidth given the chance!

  • elonin

    i’ve been looking forward to this show since it has been announced. is it right in this room or is there a link somewhere

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