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Roger Ebert on Ben Stein

Roger Ebert has finally reviewed Ben Stein’s terrible propaganda piece, Expelled. The review is a work of genius satire. Ebert, a movie critic, clearly understands more of science and evolution than Stein, and clearly recognizes a hack pseudo-documentary when he see it.

Well done!

The money quote:

This film is cheerfully ignorant, manipulative, slanted, cherry-picks quotations, draws unwarranted conclusions, makes outrageous juxtapositions (Soviet marching troops representing opponents of ID), pussy-foots around religion (not a single identified believer among the ID people), segues between quotes that are not about the same thing, tells bald-faced lies, and makes a completely baseless association between freedom of speech and freedom to teach religion in a university class that is not about religion.

6 comments to Roger Ebert on Ben Stein

  • That’s the best thing I’ve read in quite some time.

    I hope Ben Stein is crying right now. Maybe he even zipped right through the 7 stages of depression in about 3 seconds flat. What would that be? From denial to despair at about 120 mph? Awesome.

  • patrik.e


  • The Blind Watchmaker

    Gotta love Ebert. I used to read his anthologies of movie reviews like one would read novels before bed. I’m glad that someone of his popularity wrote such a skeptical article on one of our pet topics.

    Thanks Steve.

  • Brian

    I always knew there was a reason I put so much weight on this man’s movie reviews! He obviously knows crap when he sees it…

    This should be your next quote Jay: “The Theory of Evolution is neither liberal nor conservative. It is simply provable or not.”, Roger Ebert.

  • Diamondmine

    They don’t give away Pulitzers. Ebert is consistently rational, methodical, and articulate…

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