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No Comfort for Darwin

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4 comments to No Comfort for Darwin

  • bigjohn756

    IMO, the first thing to be done is to determine how their version of ‘Origins’ has been edited. Then, comments can be made showing how they they have crafted it to suit their agenda. I have made an assumption here that they did, indeed, do this. In fact, I would be very surprised if they didn’t.

  • Personally, I’d like to see more of a Wiki edited and maintained by those in our community to slowly expand upon and address each of the issues present in the book, especially if it truly has been edited.

    Outside of that, I’d really like to see a clean, simple, descriptive URL for the site that can be rubber-stamped on copies of the book by those who care so people can easily find the site when they read the book.

  • A fully indexed list of common misconceptions/lies/misinformation along with corresponding rebuttals and references to research would be an awesome resource for skeptics and scientists everywhere.

    I’d agree with the previous poster that a Wiki could be a good format for this.

  • bigjohn756

    Oh, they edited it all right. Their version is only 280 pages plus their 50 page addendum. IIRC, the original was over 500 pages.

    I think that it is extremely important for someone who knows what they are talking about to analyze what was left in and what was removed by these guys in order to determine how they expect to use their version to support their propaganda. I guess a Wiki would be OK as long as it was carefully monitored by those in the know. I am of the opinion that Wikis can be a bit iffy.

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