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Good News

It’s nice to know that there’s some good news out there, with cooler heads occasionally prevailing.  First, as you may already know, the so-called ‘Graduate School of the Institute for Creation Research’ was denied the right to award a degree in creationism by the state of Texas. 


That was April 23rd.  Since then, the infamous Florida ‘academic freedom’ bill has died, and Nathan Abraham’s lawsuit against Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute, claiming he was discriminated against because of his creationist beliefs, has been dismissed.

I’ve written about the National Center for Science Education before, last time crankily complaining about how many book reviews they had about efforts to reconcile religion and science, but today I’m not cranky at all.  The NCSE actively pursues these kinds of cases, and they track the news on their website, www.natcenscied.org

The NCSE is a great organization to support, because they’ve pretty much got one issue – science education.  There’s very little risk that they will suddenly start espousing odd beliefs (by which I mean ones with which I don’t agree), like some other organizations with broader portfolios.  That leads me to plug another one-issue organization I like – Americans United for Separation of Church and State, but once again, I digress.

Kudos to the NCSE for their tireless work, and remember – if YOUR kids come home from school with tales of a 6000 year-old Earth, dinosaurs lounging in deck chairs on Noah’s Ark, or super-powerful space aliens (wink wink) creating everything, the NCSE is just a few mouse clicks away.

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  • Jim Shaver

    Thanks, Jon. On this topic, I posted a reply on the Neurologica blog yesterday (http://www.theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php?p=289) about creationst-inspired legislation currently being debated in the Senate in Oklahoma. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve copied that post below.

    At least the bill in Florida is dead, for now. Every little positive outcome is good news for our cause.

    In Oklahoma, the proposed legislation was originally HB 2211, disingenuously named the “Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act”. The bill passed in the House (71- 25), but was then not heard in the Senate Rules Committee, due to an attempt by the Senate leadership to stop the bill.

    However, the language of HB 2211 has re-appeared as a floor amendment in the Senate, attached to HB 2633. Although the Democrats tried to move the original HB 2633 forward without the amendment, that effort ended in a tie (24-24) strictly along party lines, and it is now likely that HB 2633 with most of the original “Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act” language will pass.

    The non-profit group Oklahomans for Excellence in Science Education is calling for Governor Brad Henry to veto HB 2633. If you live in Oklahoma and are concerned about this afront to science education in its public schools, OESE urges you to contact the Governor’s office and express support for a veto.


  • larry coon

    Another nice one happened recently (end of March). The Association of Christian Schools International, Calvary Chapel Christian School of Murietta, and the parents of several students filed a lawsuit against the University of California, claiming that UC unfairly and unconstitutionally refused to accept a number of courses taught at Christian schools as meeting UC’s admissions criteria.

    The actual trial date hasn’t been set, but the judge recently ruled on both sides’ requests for a summary judgment. It was a slam dunk for UC, for science, and for rationality. The ruling (almost as juicy as the Dover ruling) can be found at:


    I found a number of articles summarizing it — here’s one three-part blog covering it:


  • royourboat

    Excellent news! It’s hard to believe this proposition is even thought of. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work.

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