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Discovery Institute’s Sad Attempt at Their Own “Day”

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6 comments to Discovery Institute’s Sad Attempt at Their Own “Day”

  • irishjazz

    Perhaps the coincidence of Lincoln and Darwin the February 12th birthday creates a little more space for this kind of idiocy perhaps. The Discovery Institute at present seems more diabolical as a stealth institution, pushing their anti-science agenda behind the scenes rather than out front establishing a shadow holiday.

    Anyone who watches CSPAN knows the amount of time an effort devoted to establishing various “days” to which no one pays any attention. The Orwellian misdirection of calling it “Academic Freedom Day” opens the possibility of having it hijacked by people who actually believe in academic freedom.

    But if 9-11 has taught us anything- to quote Quirk3K on the boards, it’s freedom’s just another word for French.

  • TomWoolf

    I thought they already had their own day… April 1st.

  • Jim Shaver

    Tom, they also have Christmas and Easter, unless you believe their claim that ID is not Christian creationism.


  • Exept for the fact that it would be paying them more attention than they deserve I would propose a competing “Academic Standards Day”, a day to promote what constitutes responsible teaching.

    That’s a day I could get behind.

  • jedischooldropout

    Seems to me like they’ve kind of opened the door to back-lash.

    I’ll be happy to celebrate Academic Freedom Day by teaching as much as I can about how full of B.S. The Discovery Institute, and by extension Intelligent Design, is.

  • DLC

    but, they have their “day” every Sunday.

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