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Creationism in Texas

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4 comments to Creationism in Texas

  • Jim Shaver

    Bless you, Texas Citizens for Science! And I mean that in a secular way, of course. We defeated the same type of “academic freedom” bill in Oklahoma, but doing so required a veto by the Governor.

    This fight is happening under the average citizen’s radar, and that’s exactly where the creationists (cdesign proponentsists) want it. We in the science, skepticism, and teaching communities need more brave and dedicated people who care about science education in America to stand up against these coordinated and deliberate attacks on science.

  • John Powell

    I think Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow over at MSNBC would be interested in this story

  • TXPaul

    Thanks for posting this Steve. We’ll be updating you soon!

  • Who is this “swing vote”? It seems that is who we should be emailing. While I am in the military and stationed in Cambodia I am still a Texas resident and will be returning there just as my son is going into high school. I have a MAJOR interest in this and would like to help in whatever way I can, even if I am all the way over here in Phnom Penh.

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