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Attention iTunes … Creationism is Not Science!

Sam, an SGU listener, brought this to our attention the other day (thank you, Sam.)

A new podcast has hit the iTunes shelves. It is called Scripture on Creation.

And of course, it is correctly categorized under the ‘Religion and Spirituality’ category, isn’t it?  


It is in iTunes ‘Science and Medicine’ category.

Strange. Could this possibly be an actual podcast about science, and the title is just terribly misleading? Well, over at the Scripture on Creation website, under their What We Believe section, the following is written:

“The Bible is not intended by God to be a science textbook, but everything it does say about the material world is accurate. With the proper perspective, we will discover that biblical statements present no necessary contradictions to anything scientists have been able to demonstrate.”

Browsing around their website for a few minutes, it does not take long to realize these are unapologetic creationists, featuring interviews with “doctors” from ‘Answers in Genesis’ and ‘The Discovery Institute’ , and promoting movies such as “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, which they “highly recommend” to their audience. This show deserves to be categorized as a science podcast about as much as The Adam Corolla Show does. 

I gave up long ago trying to figure out how Apple manages iTunes from both operational and customer relations standpoints. I recall years ago jumping through hoops just trying to get a reply from a person … any person with a name  … inside the iTunes firewall (to no avail, I became frustrated and gave up.)

Regardless of how they make their decisions to categorize podcasts, this is either a terrible oversight (at best) or a big-time failure in allowing a podcast which promotes religion and the bible while simultaneously trashing evolution, into the Sci and Med category. Unfortunately, iTunes has repeatedly shown failures of judgement by allowing paranormal podcasts to be housed in this category since its inception – a mistake they (apparently) have no interest in correcting. 

However, we have not bemoaned this issue on the SGU, because we understand the society-wide confusion which exists when trying to find the demarcations between actual science and pseudoscience. Our culture has done a thorough job of blurring those lines.

But you might think  … a giant in the tech industry would have a natural affinity and appreciation of what qualifies as science. Not so! Apple is just as likely to promote nonsense as any other organization you can imagine, and all the overpriced consumer technology in the world won’t make the decision-makers over at iTunes wake up and take notice.

ADDENDUM:  If you would like to express your dissatisfaction with the categorization of  ‘Scripture on Creation’, go to the podcast in iTunes and click on “Report a Concern” on the left side of the page, then select ”Incorrect Category” from the list of topic headings for your message.

NOTE: I had previously, unintentionally besmirched Mugglecast instead of The Adam Corolla Show, which was not a great analogy and dutifully corrected by Emerson, thank you sir!  Oh, and no offense, Adam, I’m just making a point of contrast.

1 comment to Attention iTunes … Creationism is Not Science!

  • Discopants

    Just “Reported a Concern” to iTunes. These posers even had the gall to list it in the “Natural Sciences” subcategory of Science & Medicine. I commented that it should be in the Supernatural Pseudo-Sciences category if anything.

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