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Lying Under The Blanket of Academic Freedom

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4 comments to Lying Under The Blanket of Academic Freedom

  • DLC

    Don’t know how much studying Duke did for his “doctorate” from the Interregional Academy for Personnel Management. (what the acronym means translated from the Russian).
    By all accounts, MAUP is a place where Duke would feel right at home. They have called on the UN to “close” the State of Israel by overturning the 1947 resolution. It’s a case of the low-life defending the low-life. I would like to point out yet again that the right to free speech does not come with the right to an audience.
    Therefore I generally refuse to read or listen to anyone like David Duke or his man-of-the-hour Kollerstrom.

  • Jim Shaver

    Clearly, Duke and Kollerstrom are not victims of repression through denial of academic freedom. In fact, they are beneficiaries of the true academic freedom that allows them to freely act as moronic and disgusting as they can manage. They’re entitled to their opinions, and others are entitled to call them what they are, and to not invite them back. That’s free speech.

  • rrichard

    I love David Duke, because he’s a waving red flag of absolute ignorance and stupidity. Saying that man is associated with something is a pretty good shorthand for saying that it should be either shot or avoided at all costs.

    He has the added benefit of highlighting precisely how insipid and odious racism really is. It makes me think we should all join together and hate the one truly deserving group, asses (can I say that on the blog?).

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