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Let the Cognitive Dissonance Begin

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5 comments to Let the Cognitive Dissonance Begin

  • So let me guess this straight. We sent an empty lunar rover to the moon to drive around and leave tracks in order to trick people into thinking we had sent astronauts to the moon. That’s a lot more elaborate than using a sound stage. Does this mean they admit that we did have the technology to land equipment on the moon?

  • DLC

    You forgot to link to the LRO site.
    LMGTFY : http://lunar.gsfc.nasa.gov/

  • Evidence doesn’t make a difference when someone knows what they want to believe for emotional or ideological reasons.

  • russ

    There’s plenty of people who’ve watched some ‘documentary’ about the faked moon landing. People who don’t think about it often, but have some lingering doubt in their head. I’m a skeptic these days; but I remember an office chat where everyone pretty much decided ‘yeah, there’s somethings that don’t add up’. This imagery will at least swing a few people in this camp.

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