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Just Sharing Some Moon Hoax Lunacy

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8 comments to Just Sharing Some Moon Hoax Lunacy

  • Cobey Cobb

    Wow. You know it really makes me sad that there are so many people out there who can’t share in this incredible human triumph with us. Instead they choose to believe some sinister, “never trust the government” spiel that absolutely drives me bananas. Remember the good ol’ days when moon hoaxers were just talking about waving flags and crosshairs behind rocks? Now they’re bringing in Stanley Kubrick and falling back on outrageous claims of russian mirrors and cardboard cutouts. Geez put some of that time and passion into getting an education or a girlfriend…

  • KeithJM

    Wow. Just Wow.

    I find it fascinating too that he (I assume the writer is a ‘he,’ the wackiness seems kind of male) is perfectly willing to accept that a Soviet unmanned ship could make it to the moon and accurately place a reflector, but the idea of a similar ship holding a person is dismissed out of hand.

    On the non-ecstatic astronaut video, I’ve had friends come over just after I’ve completed a long road trip, and I’ll bet I came across as kind of glum even when the trip was a lot of fun. Traveling a few thousand miles in a car is exhausting. I can only imagine going to the moon and back with the same sort of room to move around.

  • primowalker

    His rambling and circuitous way of thinking makes my head hurt! I’m reminded of a line of Marvin’s from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, which I’ll paraphrase, since I don’t have access to the actual text right now: “It hurts my brain just thinking down to your level.”

  • What’s interesting to me is the time and effort it obviously took to compile and view this list of ‘references’. OK, you can find things quickly on the internet, I don’t imagine he spent weeks at the library. But still, just reading everything would take a while (I assume, since I didn’t actually check any of the references).

    During all that searching, wouldn’t he have come across the occasional site questioning whether the moon hoax theory was all that reasonable? If you start a search on a conspiracy or denial site (be it moon hoax, vaccines, whatever) and click around, do you never hit on the other viewpoint? Or is it just that these kind of people never bother to read any conflicting evidence?

  • Maybe I’ve answered my own question, since I didn’t read any of his evidence!

  • Drum Billet

    I’d never heard that it was supposed to be Kubrick that shot the moon landings.

    He is surely one of the least likely people to have agreed to do something like this.

  • Brian the Coyote

    It’s all fun to laugh but from the way his post is worded I think this person may actually have some kind of mental disorder. The leaps of logic and tangents bordering on word-salad are suspect. If that’s the case, then this person needs some pitty and maybe help.

    One thing he did get right: Phil Plait can seem like an overgrown kid, but that’s not a bad thing in his case.
    One thing he did get right:

  • stargazer9915

    This blog article is a conspiracy made up by Evan. I just cannot believe that there are human beings out there that are that damn stupid. It just can’t be true. Therefore, it must be a made up story.

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