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Just Sharing Some Moon Hoax Lunacy

The SGU received an email yesterday. To its author, who will remain anonymous, I would like to thank them for putting together this “one-stop-shop” of a handy reference for me. The next time we need to address the Moon-Hoax segment of society on the podcast, I will be sure to include one or more of these examples to give the listener a truer sense of how reality-detached these people are. There are some old claims and a few new ones (to me), but I do appreciate the prep-work that they put into this. If I had to drudge all this stuff up on my own, I’d have wasted some otherwise very valuable minutes of my life.

We get emails like this somewhat regularly. Sometimes, we are just part of a mass mailing by the nutters who are preaching to every skeptic organization on the planet. I’m forced to know this because, sometimes, I can see the whole list of email addresses. The sender’s ego requires everyone on the list to know that the whole skeptical community has been put on notice. Duly noted.

Occasionally they do seek out just The SGU, mostly to argue with Steve about something “quacky”. But this time, we have ourselves a Moon-Hoaxer. Because they are using our website’s comment form, and there are no other emails that were carbon-copied for us to see, unless we were blind-copied this email, then this was a direct reach out to The SGU specifically.

So it is in this context that I present to the English-reading world this unedited email from someone that is clearly more “out there” than any astronaut has actually traveled. To borrow the final word from the email’s author …


Subject: Phony Apollo Moon Landings!
Message: Here is footage of the Apollo 11 crew faking part of their alleged mission to the Moon back in 1969… Enjoy!


the money shot of the fakes is between 7:00 and the end of the clip.

We can only go 300-400 miles into space in manned exploration CURRENTLY! How are we supposed to believe that we could have sent men 239,000 miles to the Moon and back 40 years ago, and with less technology than a ‘Gameboy?’ (What technology was 60000% better 40 years ago than currently?) Doesn’t that strike you as illogical? Also, 18 astronauts allegedly go to the Moon, none see a single star?

Another gem, this is footage from the Apollo 11 post flight press conference! These guys just allegedly survived a trip to another world and back! Instead of looking ecstatic, they just look like glum liars who have to go on with the act…



Watch Buzz Aldrin run like a bitch and threaten lawsuit when confronted with the footage he helped fake on Apollo 11! The action starts around 4:30 or so in the clip…

Also, here is a link to an audio intervieew with the director, bart sibrel, which gives more details on these frauds:


I got this info from www.moonmovie.com.

This is Phil Plait, the guy paid by NASA to ‘debunk’ moon landing hoax material. He won’t physically look at the faked footage from Apollo 11! He seems like an overgrown kid with his hands over his ears.


Phony Moon Rocks:

The ‘Moon Rocks’ were meteorite pieces found in Antarctica like these:


Dr. Wernher Von Braun led an expedition there in 1967 according to NASA’s own site:


Some others were complete fakes as is detailed in this story about a fake moon rock in a Dutch museum:


Apollo 13 frauds:

Here’s the Apollo 13 crew also faking part of their mission, just like the other Apollo astronauts. Here again, the astronauts are supposed to be over 100,000+ miles from Earth en route to the Moon at the time this picture was taken. However, once again you can see the bright, nearby Earth shining through the windows of the craft meaning that they
were merely orbiting the Earth a few hundred miles up…


Apollo 13 was the simulation of a crisis in space rather than a real crisis in space!

Some Unanswered questions:

Why would they be faking anything if they really did go to the Moon? They’d have tons of real mementos. What legitimate part of Apollo 11 called for them to stick something in the window to make the Earth look smaller and farther away than it really was? What technology was 60000% better in 1969 than currently? Asbestos? Angie Dickinson?

Laser Reflectors

The Mythbusters pointed to the laser reflectors on the Moon as some sort of evidence that men had been on the Moon. However, the Soviets placed a laser reflector on the Moon on an UNMANNED mission called Lunokhod 2. So, nope, the Mythbusters couldn’t prove anything and shame on them for being part of this scam.


Lunokhod 2 (moon walker in Russian) was the second of two unmanned lunar rovers landed on the Moon by the Soviet Union as part of the Lunokhod program.

The Luna 21 spacecraft landed on the Moon and deployed the second Soviet lunar rover (Lunokhod 2). The primary objectives of the mission were to collect images of the lunar surface, examine ambient light levels to determine the feasibility of astronomical observations from the Moon, perform laser ranging experiments from Earth, observe solar X-rays, measure local magnetic fields, and study the soil mechanics of the lunar surface material.

finally, here are some of the people responsible:


The above is a link to a page at Imdb.com for a 2002 French TV show called Operation Lune or ‘Dark Side of the Moon.’ It was billed as a ‘Mockumentary’ like that Spinal Tap movie which I haven’t seen. The premise was that We really did go to the Moon on the Apollo missions, but the film got ruined so they had to fake the landings. (The film got ruined 7 times on the Apollo 11-17 missions I guess, without them doing anything?)

However, when you see that other footage of the Apollo 11 crew at the window faking part of their mission and factor in that they used 99% the same technology from Apollo 11 -17 you see it was all a big hoax. Then you can follow the evidence backwards to these people who appeared in this French movie as suspects in the Apollo frauds. These people all went out of their way to endorse the bogus Moon Landings…maybe they wanted to be on record for all time as people involved in the scam since they were old and dying off from old age anyway?

Take a look at the cast list in this thing:

Stanley Kubrick, Richard Nixon, Don Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, Al Haig, Buzz Aldrin, etc

That’s pretty big for some crappy French TV show that few if any Americans saw

8 comments to Just Sharing Some Moon Hoax Lunacy

  • Cobey Cobb

    Wow. You know it really makes me sad that there are so many people out there who can’t share in this incredible human triumph with us. Instead they choose to believe some sinister, “never trust the government” spiel that absolutely drives me bananas. Remember the good ol’ days when moon hoaxers were just talking about waving flags and crosshairs behind rocks? Now they’re bringing in Stanley Kubrick and falling back on outrageous claims of russian mirrors and cardboard cutouts. Geez put some of that time and passion into getting an education or a girlfriend…

  • KeithJM

    Wow. Just Wow.

    I find it fascinating too that he (I assume the writer is a ‘he,’ the wackiness seems kind of male) is perfectly willing to accept that a Soviet unmanned ship could make it to the moon and accurately place a reflector, but the idea of a similar ship holding a person is dismissed out of hand.

    On the non-ecstatic astronaut video, I’ve had friends come over just after I’ve completed a long road trip, and I’ll bet I came across as kind of glum even when the trip was a lot of fun. Traveling a few thousand miles in a car is exhausting. I can only imagine going to the moon and back with the same sort of room to move around.

  • primowalker

    His rambling and circuitous way of thinking makes my head hurt! I’m reminded of a line of Marvin’s from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, which I’ll paraphrase, since I don’t have access to the actual text right now: “It hurts my brain just thinking down to your level.”

  • What’s interesting to me is the time and effort it obviously took to compile and view this list of ‘references’. OK, you can find things quickly on the internet, I don’t imagine he spent weeks at the library. But still, just reading everything would take a while (I assume, since I didn’t actually check any of the references).

    During all that searching, wouldn’t he have come across the occasional site questioning whether the moon hoax theory was all that reasonable? If you start a search on a conspiracy or denial site (be it moon hoax, vaccines, whatever) and click around, do you never hit on the other viewpoint? Or is it just that these kind of people never bother to read any conflicting evidence?

  • Maybe I’ve answered my own question, since I didn’t read any of his evidence!

  • Drum Billet

    I’d never heard that it was supposed to be Kubrick that shot the moon landings.

    He is surely one of the least likely people to have agreed to do something like this.

  • Brian the Coyote

    It’s all fun to laugh but from the way his post is worded I think this person may actually have some kind of mental disorder. The leaps of logic and tangents bordering on word-salad are suspect. If that’s the case, then this person needs some pitty and maybe help.

    One thing he did get right: Phil Plait can seem like an overgrown kid, but that’s not a bad thing in his case.
    One thing he did get right:

  • stargazer9915

    This blog article is a conspiracy made up by Evan. I just cannot believe that there are human beings out there that are that damn stupid. It just can’t be true. Therefore, it must be a made up story.

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