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Martial Lawlessness

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3 comments to Martial Lawlessness

  • iSicle

    I had one of these parasites trying to recruit me into their scheme few years back, my friend called me and asked me if I wanted to come and have a cup of coffee down at the waterfront coffee shop. Seeing how it was a nice summer day I thought what the heck, might as well.

    Once I got there I saw him sitting there with another person and alarm bells started to go off in the back of my mind, I said hello to my friend and asked who the other guys was. My friend introduced us and after that the other guy ordered coffee for me. Then he took out a folder out of his briefcase at which point I said

    “If this is one of those MLM things let’s save both of our times and I’ll just get up and leave now”

    “No no, it’s nothing like that”

    Then he started to tell me about how they have this idea of selling products straight out of the factory and started to draw up a pyramid on a page of his notebook…

    At this point I got up and said to my friend “Call me when you actually want to have relaxing cup of coffee.” and started to leave when the MLM pusher got angry and asked “You really haven’t got 15 minutes to listen!?”

    I guess he was desperate to push this thing forward…

    Wow that was a long comment. Anyway that was my run in with MLM.

  • DLC

    It’s funny how unsinkable these guys are.
    You let them talk, and they detail how it’s a pyramid scheme. You call them on it being a pyramid scheme, and they adamantly deny it, and then go back to hard selling you the pyramid scheme. A suggestion. add the phone number of your local county attorney to your cell phone, and suggest calling to ask an expert there if it’s a pyramid scheme. Most of the scammers will suddenly find they’re needed elsewhere.

  • The genius of MLM’s is that they do not allow their name to get to you before you are engulfed in their spiel. Otherwise the mark could do an Internet search on them and see a eyeful.

    The discourage cellphones during their presentation, with no breaks or downtime at all until they ask for your SS# for the employment w2 form.

    When I got suckered into a neighbors ACN presentation I was shocked how anyone could be so naive. I took my teenage son with me and used the experience as a eye-opening experience for him. That 90 minutes while long was something that he can fall back on in his adult years.

    We googled ACN and within 10 minutes we had overwhelming evidence they were a scam. When you can find their video phone on eBay for a few dollars then you know there is a problem. Added to the fact that they never offered to sell us the phone, nor showed it working at all.

    Donald Trump was the spokesman for their product and should be criticized as such.

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