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So just when I thought the world of fortune telling couldn’t get more ridiculous, I found out just last night that there is a fortune telling practice that claims to “read” the laughter of a person to predict the future. This can be practiced in two different ways.

First the scam artist … I mean fortune teller, gets the sucker … I mean victim, to laugh, and then the medium will make all kinds of guesses (i.e. fortune telling) as to that laughing person’s future.

The other, so-called more “traditional” means of deceit … I mean fortune telling, involving laughter is that the medium will put themselves into a “trance”, and through forces mysterious and immeasurable, the medium will laugh out loud, and then translate that into a reading for the gullible … I mean subject.

I find this version of the fortune telling scam rather creepy. I mean think about it: The victim laughs, the psychic laughs, and while all this laughing is going on, one of the world’s oldest scams continues to fleece decent people out of their money and critical thinking skills. It a kind of juxtaposition, as all this laughing going on while a scam is being perpetrated and the victim is not even aware at the iron of the moment.

Fortune telling is never a laughing matter.

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