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Constipedia Smackdown

A stunt attempted by Conservapedia founder Andrew Schlafly to discredit a recent evolution experiment has gone awry and lit up many science blogs.

It all started with that great E. coli experiment we covered a few episodes ago. That’s the one in which Dr. Richard Lenski and his team tracked over 30,000 generations […]

Preparing for TAM

So much to do, and so little time. Here is my to do list that I need to complete by tomorrow night:


The Skeptics’ Guide 5X5

After many months of discussion, planning and production we are happy to announce that we have finally launched our new podcast, The Skeptics’ Guide 5X5. It will be a 5 minute +/- show that focuses on one topic per show. We’ve been working hard over the past weeks to finish all the work that a […]


The Seinfeld of Blog Posts – A Post About Nothing

I’m right in the middle of our yearly “Christmas Party” week here. I have 5 evening parties/gatherings to go to this week and weekend alone as well as a potluck lunch at work and a company-paid breakfast. Not to mention a birthday party for a good friend.

I also got a new dog this week. […]