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Why is the Idea of Aliens So Laughable?

I have often heard UFO enthusiasts defend their position by arguing that it is likely we are not alone in the universe. If aliens exist, which is likely, they argue, then why can’t they be visiting us. We recently received an e-mail from a self-identified skeptic and SGU listener making this same point:

With this [...]

Google Mars Reveals “Bio Station Alpha”

Anyone not familiar with Google Earth? Just in case, Google Earth is a software that allows you to view a recent picture of any part of the Earth. By combining photographs taken from a variety of resources around and above the earth, the Google Earth software compiles a virtual atlas of our planet. Even if you have never used the application, [...]

Momma Always Told Me Not To Look Into The Eyes of The Sun

(all together now …)

But Momma, That’s Where The Fun Is! Or at least that’s where The Virgin Mary is.  Which I suppose, depending on your personal tastes, could be fun.

How do I know that’s where TVM is?  Our friends at God Discussion tell us so.  At least that is what they are suggesting after [...]

Skeptic Calls For Congressional Stupid Professor Hearing

From (quickly becoming one of my favorite resources for crazy news items), the headline reads:

University Prof(essor) Calls for Congressional UFO Hearing


Another Addition to the Human Fam…

The notion of mankind as special creation was overthrown with Darwin. Since then, a series of anthropological finds have continued to illuminate a startling picture: Not only are we not the center of the universe, but there were a lot of different breeds of us. The earliest evolutionary family portrait is starting to look a [...]