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“Apollo 16 Found Alien Shipwreck” – Psychics

This just in:  it turns out that the Apollo 16 mission was our first encounter with alien life/technology. 

According to a “psychic R&D operation” based in Austin, TX called Tranception Inc., the Apollo 16 astronauts deserve the Congressional Space Medal of Honor for the first ever alien encounter with some ”shipwreck elements”. 

Here, you can read [...]

Supernova Silliness

There’s been a lot of crazy predictions about 2012 and all the disasters that are going to befall our poor little planet. There’s one prediction that somehow escaped my notice until recently…that the earth will be destroyed by a supernova!

The people who promulgate this silliness try to make reasonable arguments how this conspiracy could [...]

Skepticism Courtesy Of The Daily Mail … Seriously.

The Daily Mail (TDM) is a rag. This should come as a surprise to no one. TDM loves to spew forth articles about aliens, UFO’s, crop circles, ghosts, and all other sorts of fantasies that impress most children and far too many adults. This as well should come as a surprise to almost no one (certainly no [...]

Saving Earth from Aliens and Asteroids

Mike Wall has an interesting piece this week on how humans might avoid the fate of the dinosaurs. In the last ten years alone, asteroid detection has radically improved. So too, have our hypothetical solutions. As our universe is still a blind billiards game of asteroids, Trojans, and extinct comets wheeling about, it is with [...]

The Crop Circle That Should End All Crop Circles

This is it, the best crop circle I’ve seen yet.  And just the other night on television was yet another awful program about the different kinds of possible evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence. Predictable as ever, crop circles spun their way into the equation. But what does it tell you when a rag like The [...]