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Combating Magnets

SGU listener Justin, Former US Army Paratrooper, 173rd Airborne Brigade emailed us the other day …

With the amount of money being spent by government and individual soldiers on new and better gear, it’s not surprising that it’s going to attract bottom feeding scam artists. The following link is to a pair of magnetic combat […]

Top Ten Pseudo-Tech Part 2

Recently I discussed numbers 10 through 6 in my top ten list of fictional technology.

Since then people have been clamoring for my top 5 list….ok only one guy asked about it….but still…

TIME TRAVEL #5) The Delorean from Back to the Future movie

A time travel device was of course one of those immediate […]

Pinkies Verus The Brain

A pair of pink, squishy organisms will take on a computer (with one mechanical finger) in a 3-day Jeapordy! mini tournament starting tonight (check your local listings for channels and times.) But these are no ordinary pink squishies, and this is certainly no ordinary computer.

Ken Jennings won 74 straight games back in 2004. Brad […]

Top Ten Pseudo-Tech

I recently guested on a podcast called The Nerdlist with hosts Jon and Shawn.

This is a very fun show with a premise I love…discuss each person’s top-ten list of nerd X.

X, of course, is whatever has been decided for each episode like the top 10 science-fiction movies, the top 10 sidekicks, the top […]


Thanks to listener Chuck from California for bringing this one to our attention. More ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ in our society, this time occurring in the San Francisco area. There is no evidence supporting a cause and effect between WiFi and one’s health, and as the data accumulates with each passing year, people should ease their fears […]