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Nancy Grace And Layered Voice Analysis

I was flipping around the television channels this afternoon, catching up on daytime pop-culture while consuming my lunch (sometimes a dangerous combination.) In the course of my ‘flipping’ I happened upon the afternoon television show called Swift Justice with Nancy Grace. I am familiar with Nancy Grace and her show on CNN Headline News. She’s [...]

Einstein Not Wrong Again

Yet again, predictions made by Einstein’s theories of Relativity have been vindicated.

In this case, two key predictions made by General Relativity…that the spacetime fabric of the universe is distorted by the mass of objects and that this “fabric” is swirled around rotating objects…have been shown to be true in controlled experiments that were 50 [...]

Handheld Doctors

The presence of doctors in the post-TNG Star Trek universe has always confused me. I mean when all you need to do is scan a patient with a small handheld device and get an instant diagnosis, what’s the point of doctors? When a 1980′s cell phone sized apparatus and a sophisticated computer program running on [...]

Thank you internet…You’re my only hope

China is doing some things very right. I wish we had respect for science in the USA like this.


The government fined Q-RAY and is now paying that money to people who got fooled. Somehow they are still selling the product with a few marketing changes.


7 percent of all downloads [...]

Purdue’s Rube Goldberg Is ‘Nerd Approved’!

Well, shame on me. I probably should have heard about this website called ‘Nerd Approved’ before today. I’m almost too embarrassed to blog about it because there is some seriously nerd-tastic, yet very cool things there to explore inside Sean Fallon’s blog. I blame Rebecca, she’s supposed to be helping me keep up on ‘what’s [...]