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Playing God because someone has to…

Consider this a Wednesday roundup of the most awesome variety. Open Pandora’s box, pluck the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, and watch what we are doing with Promethean fires.

Fantastic Voyage?

For the first time in history, scientists have managed to create a working engine from a single molecule. Our Industrial Revolution audacity has [...]

Technology and the Building of a Dream

Technology. To use my own definition it’s the use of the findings of science to create tools that serves a purpose. It could solve a problem, make a task easier or allow us to do something that we couldn’t do before. Technology can be simple and elegant like the wheel or complex and fierce like [...]

Nano-Magnetized Future Computers

Scientists at the University of California at Berkley, believe that in the near future, computers will compute with nanometer-sized bar-magnets (nano-magnets) resulting in one million times less energy being required than current silicon-chip-based computers use.

This is possible because no electrons will be used for the computers logic operations. No electrons means…no electrical resistance and [...]

A Little Less Anonymous Today

Several suspected members of “Anonymous” were arrested Tuesday morning in states across the country in a federal raid on the notorious computer hacking group. In addition, searches of homes took place in Long Island, New York, with others occurring in Brooklyn, Colorado, Washington DC, and Ohio.

The state of California filed charges against 14 people [...]

Birth of the Bio laser?

Just when you thought lasers couldn’t get any cooler…the next potentially wicked type of laser may be a bio-laser.

Researchers have tweaked biological cells in such a way that they can actually emit monochromatic, coherent light…amplified beams of light in which all photons are essentially the same wavelength and in phase with each other…in other [...]