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Attention iTunes … Creationism is Not Science!

Sam, an SGU listener, brought this to our attention the other day (thank you, Sam.)

A new podcast has hit the iTunes shelves. It is called Scripture on Creation.

And of course, it is correctly categorized under the ‘Religion and Spirituality’ category, isn’t it?


It is in iTunes ‘Science and Medicine’ category.

Strange. […]


I love learning about new things, or learning even more about things I already know. Sometimes I wish I could just get away for a week or two to a cabin in the woods and sit by a fireplace in a comfortable chair with a huge library of books and just read and learn 24/7. […]

Weekly Geekery #3

Ok so it hasn’t been weekly. More like annual geekery. I’m hoping this time it will stick.

SOPA/PIPA vs Scientific Debate

Want another reason to hate SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act)? Check out Los-Alamos National Laboratories post-doc researcher Michael Ham’s article about how they can be used to kill scientific […]

The Blob on the Other Side of the Wall

MIT has recently come out with yet another cool piece of tech. A radar system that can see behind walls.It’s not yet like making a wall completely transparent but it’s pretty cool and useful for a first-gen device and the science behind it of course is pretty awesome.

When you look at something, even people […]


We received an email at The SGU yesterday about a topic close to my head and heart; Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

Listener Jennifer from West Palm Beach Florida asked:

“… my question is about Tempur-Pedic beds. Don’t laugh, I know its trivial compared to all the other topics out there … Are they actually helpful for the […]