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An Email From A Listener

We’ve been getting some tremendous emails lately from listeners who have ‘Escaped to Reality’ from what was once a skeptic-less existence. Because the vast majority of present-day skeptics have been there before (I know of very few people who grew up as skeptical kids) we can relate to anecdotes such as this. That The Skeptics’ […]

Triple Fail

In an apparent attempt to redefine the term ‘Politically Correct’, a class of third grade public school students in Seattle partook in an Easter Egg hunt (with those little plastic Easter egg shells that hide candy or little toys inside of them), yet the teacher in charge of the activity decided to change the name […]

Bigfoot Science

In Russia, there are about 30 authorative scientists engaged in the study of abominible snowmen. In fact, they are setting up a university resaerch institute at Kemerovo State University to study the mythical Yeti, according to The UK’s Daily Mail.

You might ask: what scientific evidence for the existence of bigfoot is the driving force […]

Evolution and the American Challenge

An excellent article on the challenges and misconceptions of evolution in the Huffington Post today. Not much new except for this succinct statement:


Even the vocabulary of this conversation is challenging. We discussed the great divide between the meanings of central terms like “theory” and “evolution.” Theory in science means something like, “A well-tested […]

Bill Gates, Vaccines, and All of Us.

I received an email last week from someone who didn’t care for the article “You Gotta Believe” that I had published in UTNE a few weeks ago. Here is a snippet from her critique:

“You just toe the government line and convince people that yes everything there government says is true, that 911 was caused […]