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Faster than Light? Not so Fast…

Einstein was wrong! We’ve found something that travels faster than light!

By now, the allegation of physicists at CERN has gone viral through every major news outlet. Indeed, the announcement does more than tickle the fancy; it seems to vindicate every sci-fi fan who stubbornly insisted the light-barrier would eventually be defeated. Wormholes, hyperspace, [...]

Michele Bachmann: Vaccines cause mental retardation

Move over Jenny McCarthy.

You’ve probably heard about the HPV vaccine debate by now. Governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry has been taking heat for his executive order that young women be offered Gardasil to inoculate against the virus linked to cervical cancer.

This isn’t the place to debate the wisdom of “being forced to [...]

Dinosaur Blood: Warm or Cold or Both?

There’s been an interesting development in the whole cold-blooded/warm-blooded dinsosaur debate. A brand new method has been developed to reveal the most accurate body temperature of dinosaurs to date.

The results show that some dinosaurs were actually as warm-blooded as many modern mammals but they were also cooler than birds.

Researchers, led by Robert Eagle [...]

Super-Sized Moons Common?

Researchers are redefining the rarity of the earth-moon system. They are saying that a whopping 1 in 10 rocky planets may have a moon that’s big compared to its primary, just like our moon when compared to earth.

Using new sophisticated computer simulations, it seems that the massive impacts that resulted in our relatively huge [...]

On This Day In Science And Skepticism

Listeners of The Skeptics’ Guide are well familiar with my fondness for science and skepticism set within the context of history. I would not want to have lived in any other time or place in the past in exchange for the space and time I currently occupy. We are currently at the scientific apex of [...]