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The Shadow of the Hole

Scientists may soon have a direct image of the black hole in the center of our galaxy.Using a virtual telescope as big as the earth, they may have for the first time apicture of the actual shadow a black hole.

Scientists met recently to discuss this project. It has probably one of the coolestnames for […]

Failing at Prediction, Succeeding at Bias

In Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, the future can be predicted through a new method known as psychohistory. It’s a concept that turns up quite a lot — not only in science-fiction but from every so-called analyst, expert, advisor, talking head, and pundit across the spectrum of armchair philosophers and industry insiders.

We’re not talking about […]

Supernova Silliness

There’s been a lot of crazy predictions about 2012 and all the disasters that are going to befall our poor little planet. There’s one prediction that somehow escaped my notice until recently…that the earth will be destroyed by a supernova!

The people who promulgate this silliness try to make reasonable arguments how this conspiracy could […]

The Blob on the Other Side of the Wall

MIT has recently come out with yet another cool piece of tech. A radar system that can see behind walls.It’s not yet like making a wall completely transparent but it’s pretty cool and useful for a first-gen device and the science behind it of course is pretty awesome.

When you look at something, even people […]

Moon Magnetism Mystery

A 40 year old moon mystery may have been solved recently.

It looks like we may have two viable theories why some moon rocks are magnetized even though the moon has no magnetic field. Not only that, up until recently, there was no theoretical mechanism by which the moon could even create a magnetic field.