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Holiday Leftovers

Here is something that got missed during the holiday season. The Archives of Disease in Childhood reported in late December that complimentary medicine is dangerous for children when used in place of scientific-based medicine.  This may seem like a big ‘duh’, but it is another important brick in the wall that continues to build up [...]

Don’t Get Burned By

SGU listener Ward McCreerty of Southern California has recently made me aware of a scam called (FDB). A cursory Google search has revealed that FBD has been on radar of the skeptics for about a year now, but before I went to find out which of my favorite intrepid skeptics or skeptical organizations out [...]

Forever America’s Doctor

Dr. Dean Edell has retired from radio broadcasting. His last show was this past Friday, December 10th.

Before you knew the names Stephen Barrett or Steven Novella as your go-to sources for skeptical and purely scientific treatment of medical claims, Dr. Dean was there blazing the trail the whole time. For those of you unfortunate enough [...]

Of (Immortal) Mice and Men

The journal Nature is reporting that scientists have reversed the aging process in mice. Are you next?

There are several factors which contribute to aging, but science has been focusing lately on telomeres — the “bread-ties” on the ends of chromosomes — as the hypothetical Holy Grail. As cells divide, these ties become frayed and [...]

Wired Correctly

A very nice job by Wired Magazine this week in tackling those ridiculous Phiten necklaces that baseball players have been wearing for years.  Those necklaces were on full display to tens of millions of viewers at a time as they watched the World Series.  No doubt the people who manufacture and sell these lucky charms had [...]