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An aphrodisiac to murder over

Yarchagumba is a parasitic fungus that infects the larva of ghost moths. Nearly every piece of that sentence is upsetting. Similarly, the physical appearance of yarchagumba looks more like a discarded prop from a John Carpenter film than something you’d want to stick into your body:


Next to the fountain of youth, the […]

Will Bob Novella Become a Cyborg?

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging with good friends, railing against the sham that is American politics, planning the next awesome SGU creative project, and discussing nanotechnology.

Among my literary interests, I am a science-fiction author, and out of the SGU family, Bob Novella and I enjoy lengthy discussions on futurism. I’ve […]

Wrist and Neck Magic

SGU listener Steve Yerby has brought to our attention yet another brand of costume jewelry (comprised chiefly of wood) said to contain healing properties which benefit sufferers of acidic-related ailments.

Steve found a Pur Noisetier product being peddled in Montreal inside a pharmacy (which is not altogether surprising, for I have seen hospital gift shops […]

Birth of the Bio laser?

Just when you thought lasers couldn’t get any cooler…the next potentially wicked type of laser may be a bio-laser.

Researchers have tweaked biological cells in such a way that they can actually emit monochromatic, coherent light…amplified beams of light in which all photons are essentially the same wavelength and in phase with each other…in other […]

CDC: Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse!

We all know it’s coming. We’ve been saying so for years. But the inescapable Zombie Apocalypse is closer than we might think.

Until now we’ve only had speculation and “what-if” scenarios. Never a peep from any government. Government scientists sit there, playing in their labs with the deadliest of viruses. Mutating them to the point […]