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The Naked Truth Never Looked So Good!

You may have read (or rather, seen) the news from a few weeks ago about a Muslim woman posing inside (and on the cover) of the German edition of Playboy magazine. Ever since, threats against Sila Sahin have come pouring in from Mulsims worldwide, her condemnation seems far-reaching amongst those that thump their Koran.

The […]

Momma Always Told Me Not To Look Into The Eyes of The Sun

(all together now …)

But Momma, That’s Where The Fun Is! Or at least that’s where The Virgin Mary is. Which I suppose, depending on your personal tastes, could be fun.

How do I know that’s where TVM is? Our friends at God Discussion tell us so. At least that is what they are suggesting […]

Jizzus Stain

It’s that time of the year. Jesus Christ is on the brain of hundreds of millions, if not a billion people worldwide. So what typically happens this time of year? We get news stories about Jesus’ crucifixion nails being discovered, James Cameron finds the lost tomb of Jesus, and the face of Jesus, Mary, (but […]

Marjoe: A Child Evangelist Exposes the Scams

This 1972 documentary charts the life of Marjoe Gortner, who was raised from birth to be an evangelist preacher, and who eventually became a non-believing televangelist con artist. He came clean for the film crew and revealed the tactics he used to part fools and their money.

It’s available in full on YouTube:

Nation of Islam

On February 26th, the Nation of Islam (NOI) held their annual Savior’s Day Convention in Rosemont, Illinois. One of the main events at the conference was a series of lectures and discussions titled “The Truth About The Existence Of Unidentified Flying Objects.”

The first thought that came to mind was “Did the entire skeptical community […]