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Scientists create miniature Big Bang (so, like a Small Pop)

The CERN Supercollider has a way of fading in and out of the news, probably because their spate of research doesn’t always lend itself to a sexy headline. But this week the news is big enough that it nearly eclipses the report on a cricket with the world’s largest testicles. (They account for 14 percent […]

Are Thorium Reactors in our Future?

With such a worldwide focus on energy that is NOT based on fossil fuels, it’s no surprise that breakthroughs in solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, hamster, and on and on seem to dominate the energy news. Most recently another source of energy seems to be having a resurgence, namely using thorium as a fuel source in […]

Solar Cell Upgrade Using Quantum Dots?

This weeks Science tells an interesting tale of yet more promising research in solar cell technology.

It seems that researchers at the University of Texas have discovered a way to increase the current maximum solar-cell efficiency from 31% to over 60%.

The current barrier of 31% exists because much solar energy is simply lost to […]

Superman’s Transmission Matrix

I was torn this week between using two different types of titles for this blog.

One was a sensationalized attention grabbing title like:

Scientists develop method to see through solid objects like Superman

My other idea was more precise but a bit off-putting:

Researchers in Paris create a transmission matrix to see through an opaque […]

Are Solar Carpets The Future Of Solar Tech?

Alternative energy sources always seem to be in the news lately.

No need to wonder why with all the turmoil in the blood-and-oil-soaked Middle East, all the downsides to fossil fuels, fears of oil running out and on and on.

We do seem to be tackling our energy problems with a sense of urgency of […]