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Strange Superfluid Beast Lurks in Neutron Stars

Recently, two teams of scientists announced they had direct evidence that the core of neutron stars contain a bizarre type of matter.

Neutron stars are of course the corpses of massive stars as big as a city yet weighing as much as two of our suns.When the core of certain exploding supernovas collapse, the […]

Physicist Fist-Fight: What’s the Deal with Strings?

Can one theory explain everything?

This is the oldest objective of science. We can retrace the question to the pre-Socratics, when Thales in 585 BCE first suggested that everything was ultimately made of water, and that the apparent phases of matter were simply different states of this fundamental water, this blood of the Apsu or […]

Immortality, Singularities, and the Kurzweil tribe

I’m an enthusiast for all things ancient as much as I am an enduring optimist for the future (except for the undying wheezing bloodless zombified remake/prequel/sequel/reboot machine that is Hollywood. I mean seriously, they remade The Mechanic. Why, for the love of Thoth???)

Inevitably, my interest in the future leads me to skate close to […]

Top Ten Pseudo-Tech Part 2

Recently I discussed numbers 10 through 6 in my top ten list of fictional technology.

Since then people have been clamoring for my top 5 list….ok only one guy asked about it….but still…

TIME TRAVEL #5) The Delorean from Back to the Future movie

A time travel device was of course one of those immediate […]

Time Travel: Where Does The Energy Go?

Hey Everyone, I’m still polishing off my top 5 fictional technology post. It will be ready soon but in the meantime…..

We recently received the following question:

First of all, of course, I love the podcast. It was the very first one I ever subscribed to, way back in 2007.

My first question is one […]