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The Sailing Stones of Death Valley: An Overdue Correction

At TAM 2013 last month, I presented a news article (courtesy of The Weather Channel’s website) which told of a long-standing mystery that had “finally” been solved. However, it appears I presented an incomplete report. Here is how my report basically went, as told at TAM.

Known as The Sailing Stones of Death Valley, these […]

The Search for a SuperSolid

The hunt is on for a new quantum state of matter called Supersolidity.

This state has never been conclusively observed but it would resemble another quantum state that has…superfluidity.

A superfluid is incredibly cool (barely above absolute zero in fact). It has zero viscosity which means it can actually climb up an out of a […]

The Shadow of the Hole

Scientists may soon have a direct image of the black hole in the center of our galaxy.Using a virtual telescope as big as the earth, they may have for the first time apicture of the actual shadow a black hole.

Scientists met recently to discuss this project. It has probably one of the coolestnames for […]

Moon Magnetism Mystery

A 40 year old moon mystery may have been solved recently.

It looks like we may have two viable theories why some moon rocks are magnetized even though the moon has no magnetic field. Not only that, up until recently, there was no theoretical mechanism by which the moon could even create a magnetic field.


Faster than Light? Not so Fast…

Einstein was wrong! We’ve found something that travels faster than light!

By now, the allegation of physicists at CERN has gone viral through every major news outlet. Indeed, the announcement does more than tickle the fancy; it seems to vindicate every sci-fi fan who stubbornly insisted the light-barrier would eventually be defeated. Wormholes, hyperspace, […]