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The Wobble of Earth Messes with Astrologers

It’s been known for some time that planets follow the straightest path through curved space. Space is neither a flat plain nor an empty void, but is subject to warping by significantly massive bodies. The most obvious example for terrestrial life is the influence of the moon’s gravity on the tides (a fact which evaded […]

Don’t Get Burned By FireBurnDoctor.com

SGU listener Ward McCreerty of Southern California has recently made me aware of a scam called FireBurnDoctor.com (FDB). A cursory Google search has revealed that FBD has been on radar of the skeptics for about a year now, but before I went to find out which of my favorite intrepid skeptics or skeptical organizations out […]

The Astonishing Prophesies of Octodamus The Prognoctopus

On the 26th day of October, the world lost the greatest cephalopod mind of our times [Aside to PZ: they have minds, right?]: Paul the Octopus, a squishy seer of the sea who successfully predicted many of the winners of World Cup soccer [football] games [matches?].

It is only now, two weeks later, that we […]

Political Charts

To know me is to know that I am a skeptic and a political news junkie. Some might argue that I am a political animal first and a skeptical animal second. I’ve been politically conscious since I was 10 years old, while I’ve only been a skeptic since I was 26. I became friends with […]

Geller’s Latest Imaginary Adventure

Oh Uri, are there any limits to your imagination?

The Wall Street Journal reports on Uri Geller’s latest claim is that there is buried treasure on an island that he owns. Not just any treasure – Egyptian relics, brought to the island by the daughter of a Pharaoh some 3500 years ago.

Read the whole […]