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In Dutch

The headline from the article really tells the whole story: “Dutch prisons use psychics to help prisoners contact the dead”

The subject of “prisoner’s rights” is a tremendously broad topic. Prisoner rights vary wildly from country to country, and state to state.

Understanding that there are a variety of questions concerning the rights of prisoners, […]

Scientific Consensus, Take It Or Leave It

I read a very interesting study that came out recently that tries to explain why people accept some scientific data and reject other even though the quality of the data is similar. Before I get into the study let me set the stage and throw in my opinion.

Are you hot or cold to the […]

Sleepy-Time Post

Don’t you love sleeping and dreaming? I’ve loved it since I was a kid. Not just the act itself though but the whole ritual;

the moment you say to yourself “Yup, today is essentially over and I’m going to bed”, the ablutions, slipping under the covers (I like lots of covers), the reading or watching […]

Smartening Humanity

I just read a very interesting article from the most recent issue of the Atlantic about the history and future of human intelligence.

Radical methods of augmenting human intelligence is one of those topics that both greatly appeals to me and strikes me as utterly inevitable. The benefits are so easy to imagine, the potential […]

The 16 year old 11 Month Old

It is an obvious and tragic aspect of life that people are often injured or suffer genetic abnormalities and modern medicine can do nothing about it.

Many times, however, the injury or disease offers a unique opportunity to gather information that otherwise would not have been possible. For example; stroke victims have been and continue […]