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How Bigfoot Helped Pharmaceutical Research

Or – how knowledge is fungible.

We recently received the following letter

Hi SGU team.

The following may interest you.

I work in a pharmaceutical laboratory and we pride ourselves on using logic, careful experimental design and hypothesis testing to solve testing issues. We recently came […]

Bias and Denial in Science

SGU listener, Brandon, recently sent in this question:

Hello all, just want to say I really enjoy the show. I had a quick question/comment on the homeopathy discussion during the most recent podcast. While criticizing the dubious homeopathic studies, Dr. Novella stated that the Cochrane Collaboration was putting in charge of these studies ideological advocates. […]

The Scientism Straw Man

Scientism is the belief that science can and will discover the answers to all questions, that there are no inherent limits to the ability of science to solve all problems. In my experience it is a trait rarely seen in working scientists, but often accused as a way of dismissing scientific criticism.

A recent editorial […]

Denying Intelligent Inference

Listener Dex Wood sends us the following question:

I am kind of concerned about proving our ability to extrapolate with past evidence. This concern came from a discussion I was having with someone about evolution. I claimed that the large body of evidence allows us to determine the course that evolution took in the past. […]

A Sherlock Holmes Logical Fallacy

We recently received the following question:

‘If you’ve eliminated all other possibilities whatever remains must be the truth,’ is the famous a quote from the brilliant, but fictional, detective Sherlock Holmes. It seems to be an inescapable statement of cold, hard logic but it is often used in movies or on TV as a fig […]