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‘Tis The Season

I love the autumn season, and I’m sure it is because I reside in Connecticut. The foliage is especially bright this year. We had a wet and cool summer which has historically translated into a very colorful and picturesque landscape. The smells of autumn are in full bloom. Home fireplaces have been lit, and there […]

Annual Halloween Report

So how’s your Fall/October/”Ramp-Up to Halloween” going?

My October fun this year has been a bit of a mixed bag.

I was convinced over the summer that my partners and I would resurrect our professional haunted corn maze this year. Everyone was motivated and psyched to get going including the land-owners, me and my 2 […]

Boston Ghost Tour Follow-up

(x-posted on Skepchick)

Back in 2007, I took a ghost tour of Boston with Jim McCabe, an affable guy who agreed to let me record him for a segment for PRX’s Talent Quest. Jim was really sweet, and I tried to strike a balance between showing that side of him while still presenting the skeptical […]

The Haunted Tour of Vegas

As we discussed in the show, while in Vegas last week we decided to take the haunted bus tour. We were promised the most haunted locations in Las Vegas as well as compelling evidence for the existence of ghosts. What we got was a tour of places in Vegas where bad things happened and photographs […]

Death By Spirit

Back in May of 2008, in Handsworth, Birmingham, England, seven-year-old Kyra Ishaq died from starvation, suffered at the handling of her mother, Angela Gordon, and the mother’s domestic partner Junaid Abuhamza. In addition, authorities found Kyra’s five siblings, all alive, yet each of them suffering from malnutrition. One authority was quoted as saying; “All the […]