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Will Bob Novella Become a Cyborg?

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging with good friends, railing against the sham that is American politics, planning the next awesome SGU creative project, and discussing nanotechnology.

Among my literary interests, I am a science-fiction author, and out of the SGU family, Bob Novella and I enjoy lengthy discussions on futurism. I’ve [...]

Natural Beauty

There is fascination within nature. Put another way, naturally occurring events yields some things that stimulate the human senses beyond its everyday, typical functions.  And to put it yet another way, human’s understanding of the laws of physics is as beautiful as it is enlightening.

Please take about 4 minutes today to visit Eterea Studios [...]

Thank you Internet…You’re My Only Hope

I will never get enough of this man:

I guarentee you have never seen this one before:

At 1:02…WTF!!!  WHY?!!

I absolutly love werid shit like this.  I find that I ask myself questions like this all the time…whatever happened to the test tube baby?Where is the guy who was in the [...]

Google Mars Reveals “Bio Station Alpha”

Anyone not familiar with Google Earth? Just in case, Google Earth is a software that allows you to view a recent picture of any part of the Earth. By combining photographs taken from a variety of resources around and above the earth, the Google Earth software compiles a virtual atlas of our planet. Even if you have never used the application, [...]

Einstein vs. Hawking: Epic Rap Battle of History

I was randomly playing around on the internet the other day and came across this awesome video. It’s a rap battle between Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking (with a cameo by Carl Sagan). It’s hilarious.  It’s part of nicepeter‘s Epic Rap Battles of History videos.  Others include Darth Vader vs Hitler and Justin Bieber vs [...]