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Macro Microbes Rewrite Evolution?

Recently, biologist Mikhail Matz and colleagues were looking in the Bahamas for fish that glow in the dark but instead they found a single-celled critter that may re-write some of the evolution textbooks.

What they found is called a Gromia Sphaerica; a giant single-celled protozoan the size of a grape. These distant relatives of microscopic […]

What if the moon disappeared?

We recently received the following question about the moon:

…would we miss the moon if it did not exist? I’m not asking what crazy improbable situation would be needed to remove the moon, just what the observable differences upon the Earth would be if there was no moon? Obviously there would be tidal differences, but […]

Darwinists of the World Unite!

I’ve been watching this debate between creationism and evolution for the last 3 years. (Yes, I’m a noob.) And one questions always pops up in my head, although it might seem like an irrelevant question to the debate, it bugs me.

Why does it seem that the word “Darwinism” and its other variations bothers […]

Evolutionary Gems from Nature

The scientific evidence for the fact of evolution is overwhelming. Stephen J. Gould, reflecting the attitude that nothing in science is certain and that all conclusions are tentative, characterized the evidence for evolution as “affirmed to such a high degree that it would be perverse to withhold one’s provisional assent.”

When the big-picture conclusions of […]