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Insect colonies and Oogie-Boogie

Have you ever seen in a cartoon or animated movie a scene where a bunch of insects join together to form one big nasty monster? They probably even formed into a bipedal human shape rather than just a super-big six-legged version of themselves. I guess one of my favorite examples of this is Oogie-Boogie from […]

One Cell..Two Cell……All Higher Life

Ever hear of endosymbiosis?

This means that one cell is taking up residence in another cell. Kind of like those nested Matryoshka dolls.

This concept has always intrigued me but I only knew specifically of one example of this, albeit an important (and hypothetical) one. I’m referring to that seminal event in human evolutionary history […]

What Good Is Half A Brain

I recently wrote a post for NeuroLogica in which I discuss the latest transitional fossil find – a pinniped (seal, sealion, walrus) ancestor that was able to walk on land (a walking seal). One commenter simply asked “what good is half a flipper.” At first I assumed the question was tongue-in-cheek, but on second thought […]

Bias and Denial in Science

SGU listener, Brandon, recently sent in this question:

Hello all, just want to say I really enjoy the show. I had a quick question/comment on the homeopathy discussion during the most recent podcast. While criticizing the dubious homeopathic studies, Dr. Novella stated that the Cochrane Collaboration was putting in charge of these studies ideological advocates. […]

The Scientism Straw Man

Scientism is the belief that science can and will discover the answers to all questions, that there are no inherent limits to the ability of science to solve all problems. In my experience it is a trait rarely seen in working scientists, but often accused as a way of dismissing scientific criticism.

A recent editorial […]