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The Batteries of Early Life?

Researchers at the University of Leeds in the UK think they may have uncovered the energy source for the first forms of life on Earth.

Because this involves that critical time on earth when life was just getting a foothold, it’s also closely related to abiogenesis, which is the development of life from nonlife or […]

Human Population Bottleneck

One of the things I love about doing the SGU is that my knowledge and assumptions are constantly being challenged. Teaching is the best learning experience there is.

As a scientist (a professional only in my narrow area of expertise, and an amateur in everything else) I am constantly building my internal model of scientific […]

What’s Wrong With “What Darwin Got Wrong”

Has anyone read the book WHAT DARWIN GOT WRONG?

The authors are Jerry Fodor, a professor of philosophy and cognitive sciences at Rutgers University, and Massimo Piattelli-PalmaRini,a professor of cognitive science at the University of Arizona,

The first red flag for me was that the authors don’t appear to have any training in biology or […]

DARPA Budget Funds Synthetic Life

Anyone out there never heard of DARPA?

No they’re not those guides for people climbing Mt. Everest.

Defense Advance Research Projects Agency…That’s the mad-science wing of the US Dept of defense.

They fund innovative research whether its through govt labs. the private sector, academia etc. They came up with ARPANET, the predecessor of the internet, […]

Dinos of a Feather…..Color Together

Remember in the good old days when dinosaurs could be any color as long as that color was a shade of gray or maybe green?

Now-a-days you see lots of dinosaurs represented with many different colors and patterns.

Some scientists still think that many were drab shades of green or gray like modern […]