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Welcome to the SGU 24-Hour Show!

For the last several weeks, I have been working with some very talented folks (and most excellent friends) at making the SGU 24-Hour Show a reality. It’s your escape to reality! I am helping run the event, along with Mike Lacelle, Doug Sobon, Cortney Bergin, Mikey Grenier, and of course the Rogues of the SGU, […]

About Mythbusters, Robot Eyes, Feminism, and Jokes

New video! I’m going to be doing more of these again, I promise. Here’s AronRa’s and DPR Jones‘ channels, and if you like that shirt I’m wearing you can but it at Skeptical Robot!

Announcement: SGU-24 Show!

Behind the scenes here at SGU central we are constantly coming up with ideas that we simply don’t have time to produce. This year we came up with something awesome..something potentially so good we had to do it. September 23-24 we are broadcasting a live 24 hour podcast with video. It will be an SGU […]

Dead birds, fish, and pitted windshields

First it was the birds in Arkansas.

Mysteriously falling out of the sky by the thousands on New Year’s Eve, they littered the roads and roofs. Fireworks were initially blamed, with biologists speculating that a “stress event” had fatally startled the flock.

A few days later in the same state, 100,000 fish went belly-up […]

NECSS Successes

The 2010 Northeast Conference for Science and Skepticism was a very successful event. Successful in that we sold out the house again this year, and successful in the comments and feedback I’ve received so far from the participants and the audience members.

On a more personal note, it was a success for me, which I […]