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Roger Ebert on Ben Stein

Roger Ebert has finally reviewed Ben Stein’s terrible propaganda piece, Expelled. The review is a work of genius satire. Ebert, a movie critic, clearly understands more of science and evolution than Stein, and clearly recognizes a hack pseudo-documentary when he see it.

Well done!

The money quote:

This film is cheerfully ignorant, manipulative, slanted, cherry-picks […]

Discovery Institute’s Sad Attempt at Their Own “Day”

As most of us know, February 12th is Darwin Day. Darwin Day 2009 is gearing up to be a special one because it will be the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of the Origin of Species.

The Discovery Institute, the organization of ID proponents that make sad and […]

Creationism in Texas

Texas has been a battleground for the conflict between science and creationism. It is one of the few states that drives the textbook industry, which makes it a prime target for those with an agenda to influence public education.

Today I received the following e-mail from the Texas Citizens for Science – a fine group […]

More Creationist Nonsense

Creationism, for me, has always been the prototypical pseudoscience. It is a textbook of logical fallacies, misinformation, distortion of fact, half-truths, and outright deception. Creationists, however, are not very imaginative and tend to recycle the same old arguments over and over. It is rare that I come across a new ridiculous argument from a creationist.


Denying Intelligent Inference

Listener Dex Wood sends us the following question:

I am kind of concerned about proving our ability to extrapolate with past evidence. This concern came from a discussion I was having with someone about evolution. I claimed that the large body of evidence allows us to determine the course that evolution took in the past. […]