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Lying Under The Blanket of Academic Freedom

I was listening to Dr. Dean Edell’s radio show last night. How awesome is Dr. Dean? He is a fantastic radio show host and a great all-around skeptic, whose baloney detector seems to always be working, flawlessly.

Dr. Dean mentioned a recent news article in which Nicholas Kollerstrom Phd, a professor of astronomy conducting research […]

Fiber Menace? (Part II)

Last week I wrote about Konstantin Monastyrsky, author of the book “Fiber Menace” and the eponymous website, www.fibermenace.com. I said that my skeptical alarms were going off because Monastyrsky was crying out against mainstream science, accusing scientists of participating in a massive conspiracy to cover up the truth about the “fiber […]

Fiber Menace? (part I)

Okay, it’s 6:00 pm and I have to get this post out – and I had a wisdom tooth extracted a few hours ago, and these pain killers are a one-way ticket to la-la land… but here goes.


Radiometric Rubes

The following email from our voluminous archives piqued my interest:

My favorite Rogues, I was paired up to play golf with a Baptist Pastor who had attended Bob Jones University…he brought up a story that I don’t remember hearing before. He said that scientists were wrong about the age of Mount St. Helens. Here is […]

The Leuchter Report – Denial Hides Behind Bad Science

Denial is an ugly thing. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines it as follows:

Denial – noun

refusal to satisfy a request or desire a (1): refusal to admit the truth or reality (as of a statement or charge) (2): assertion that an allegation is false b: refusal to acknowledge a person or a thing : […]