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Just Sharing Some Moon Hoax Lunacy

The SGU received an email yesterday. To its author, who will remain anonymous, I would like to thank them for putting together this “one-stop-shop” of a handy reference for me. The next time we need to address the Moon-Hoax segment of society on the podcast, I will be sure to include one or more of […]

Charlie Bit My Finger (So I Am Biting Back)

What does September 11th mean to you? Although no two people see one hundred percent eye-to-eye on any given topic, I would wager that the great majority of people feel the most basic senses of sadness and loss. Stemming from sadness and loss, there bursts a plethora of emotions and feelings that cover just about […]

STS-48 And Cryptoastronautics

We received an email recently from a listener named Spenser. It reads:

I was just sent a link to this video by a friend and since I’ve been listening to the podcast for a couple of months, I thought you guys would be able to come up with some good reasons why this is a […]

The Crazy Rainbow Lady

Last week on the SGU we discussed the YouTube video of a woman who thinks that the rainbow effect she can see in her sprinkler is a government conspiracy. We treated the story primarily as the ravings of a scientifically illiterate woman who went-off half-cocked and made a YouTube video arrogantly displaying her ignorance to […]

Funky History and Von Daniken-itis

Gavin Menzies says that Leonardo Da Vinci copied all his coolest ideas from the Chinese, who brought all their knowledge with them when they sent a fleet to Italy in the early 1400s. This is the same guy who says that the Chinese discovered America in 1421 – and it was even the same fleet. […]