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CDC: Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse!

We all know it’s coming. We’ve been saying so for years. But the inescapable Zombie Apocalypse is closer than we might think.

Until now we’ve only had speculation and “what-if” scenarios. Never a peep from any government. Government scientists sit there, playing in their labs with the deadliest of viruses. Mutating them to the point […]

Getting It Right

On my drive home yesterday from The NorthEast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS) (which was a terrific event but that is not what this post is about) I turned on my radio to listen to The Aaron Klein Investigative Radio show. Klein’s live broadcast is based out of Jerusalem. He prides himself on being […]

Bill Gates, Vaccines, and All of Us.

I received an email last week from someone who didn’t care for the article “You Gotta Believe” that I had published in UTNE a few weeks ago. Here is a snippet from her critique:

“You just toe the government line and convince people that yes everything there government says is true, that 911 was caused […]

Star Wars

A quick blurb courtesy of the Toronto Sun hit the internet like fire to gasoline yesterday at 9:36am. Seth Rogen (the actor, Green Hornet is his current film in theaters) was reportedly left “stunned” from an encounter with George Lucas (no descriptor necessary) in which Lucas told Rogen during a face-to-face conversation, that the world […]

Bishop Richard Williamson’s Holocaust Denial Continues

Has it been a year already?

Bishop Richard Williamson, the ultra-controversial clergyman whose Holocaust denial stance makes David Duke look like an amateur is still beholden to this repugnant form of revisionist history. A year ago, he gave a stunning interview in which he denies that any Jews were killed in gas chambers by The […]