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An Oldie But a Goodie!

One of my televisions crapped out the other day. My diagnosis is that the power supply gave out, because it no longer powers up. (Damn, I’m clever!)

Being the relatively “disposable” items that these products have become (that is to say, they are very affordable and sometimes more cost effective to simply replace than the […]

An aphrodisiac to murder over

Yarchagumba is a parasitic fungus that infects the larva of ghost moths. Nearly every piece of that sentence is upsetting. Similarly, the physical appearance of yarchagumba looks more like a discarded prop from a John Carpenter film than something you’d want to stick into your body:


Next to the fountain of youth, the […]

Unfathomable Scandal In Atlanta

So here is something that received relatively little attention in skeptical circles. This is one of the most nefarious cases of fraud and conspiracy that I can ever recall in American education history. It has been unfolding since late last year, and has gained national attention in recent days due to the sheer numbers of […]

Nancy Grace And Layered Voice Analysis

I was flipping around the television channels this afternoon, catching up on daytime pop-culture while consuming my lunch (sometimes a dangerous combination.) In the course of my ‘flipping’ I happened upon the afternoon television show called Swift Justice with Nancy Grace. I am familiar with Nancy Grace and her show on CNN Headline News. She’s […]

Marjoe: A Child Evangelist Exposes the Scams

This 1972 documentary charts the life of Marjoe Gortner, who was raised from birth to be an evangelist preacher, and who eventually became a non-believing televangelist con artist. He came clean for the film crew and revealed the tactics he used to part fools and their money.

It’s available in full on YouTube: